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I asked basically the same question but with a more specific context (C implementation, arrays of 6 ints) and used cycle count register to evaluation performance.

assume I have very small list of numbers (integers), 4 or 8 elements, that need to be sorted, fast. my approach was to use the max/min functions (10 functions to sort 4 numbers, no branches, iirc).

When Kovach goes to the mailbox, she finds junk mail -- many are credit card offers and coupons. But only half of that mail is ever read, according to the United States Postal Service.

"The Early Show" asked Kovach to shoot a video diary to document all the junk mail she and her family received in a month. At the end of the month, she had received 15 pounds of junk mail.

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However, if you know the size of the array beforehand, you can devise an optimal network.

Both the Army and the Marines went to the Alexandria City Jail to pitch their case to soon-to-be-released inmates.

Jail officials invited the recruiters to the biannual job fair, With the military stretched thin, the military can accept ex-convicts into their ranks.

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Is your mailbox cluttered with catalogs and credit card offers?

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