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Some countries require the lower of cost or market ("LCM" or "LOCOM") method of periodically revaluing equity investments, rather than mark-to-market.One key implication of LCM is that unrealized losses are reported, while unrealized gains are not.If the investor intends to profit from near-term (generally within than 12 months of initial investment) price movements, they are classified as either .Equity investments accounted for using the cost method must be periodically marked-to-market (fair value) if the securities have readily available market prices, creating unrealized gains and losses.Equity accounting may also be appropriate where the holding falls outside this range and may be inappropriate for some entities within this range depending on the nature of the actual relationship between the investor and investee.Control of the investee, usually through ownership of more than 50% of voting stock, results in recognition of a subsidiary, whose financial statements must be consolidated with the parent's.

Equity accounting is usually applied where an investor entity holds 20–50% of the voting stock of the associate company.

The disadvantage to companies using LCM should be clear. When an investor has significant influence over the investee—but not majority voting power—the investor accounts for its equity investment in the investee using the equity method.

The International Accounting Standards are similar to U. The equity method of accounting is sufficiently complex that we have dedicated a whole page to the topic.

To the extent Company A's share of Company B's earnings are distributed as cash dividends, the Cash taxes are paid by the investor only on cash dividends received.

The undistributed earnings give rise to a deferred tax liability ("DTL") payable when the earnings are ultimately distributed, or the investment is liquidated.

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Give it a read to learn more about the equity method of accounting.

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