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Zanzu, launched by the German government, is an online sex manual, which covers everything from blow jobs to HIV to gender to human rights and law.

Predictably, the site is causing something of a fuss, although inside Germany so far it seems that the biggest problem is that the project cost 6,000 (cheap, considering how well-designed it is), and outside Germany the site’s most mentioned aspect seems to be the graphics, which are both explicit and clinical at the same time.

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The Taj Mahal is one of the world's most beautiful monuments, but new investigations reveal its dark secrets.MMOVSG Rating 7.2/10 (Good)3D virtual sex game with good graphics and animations, free camera perspectives and zooms.Large wardrobe full of different clothes for turning the ladies into whatever kind you prefer.Also, in countries under religious rule, sexual education may not be available at all. It would make a great teaching resource at any school, anywhere. “[It is] terribly naïve to think one could sweep away the socialization and cultural conditioning experienced since early childhood with a few nice little pictures, and an integration course,” writes German blogger Anabel Schunke.This is a familiar attitude–that if something can’t be done perfectly, and all at once, then it must be a waste of time.

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Also, the assumption that Zanzu is a propaganda machine designed to “sweep away the socialization and cultural conditioning” is itself naïve.

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