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Dating russian in syria

Russia and Iran, the foremost protectors of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime, and Turkey, the rebels' leading supplier of arms, also seem to be working together. The six-year Syrian civil war has killed 500,000 people and prompted mass emigration, largely to Europe.The United States was not involved in the talks, but a State Department statement said it welcomed any "actions that sustainably de-escalate and reduce suffering in Syria." The statement insisted that any political settlement must be made under U. auspices and under a peace process mandated by the U. Both the government and rebel sides are tired, out of funding and totally dependent on extra-national backers.CNN has previously reported that pro-regime forces had established a number of outposts and checkpoints in the area just outside the 55 kilometer "de-confliction" zone surrounding At Tanf, which was negotiated by Russia and the US-led coalition.On 30 September, 2015, Russia began its rigorous military campaign in Syria to directly defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad, as the previous logistical and technical support was insufficient in the face of the major rebel advance.Many of those missions will be flown by the crews of B-1 bombers who now must avoid run-ins with the Russians.HAMBURG, Germany — The United States and Russia struck an agreement Friday on a cease-fire in southwest Syria, crowning President Donald Trump's first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. S.-Russian effort under Trump's presidency to stem Syria's six-year civil war.

Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed to an outline for a Syrian cease-fire and committed the three countries to jointly fight IS and its affiliates.Follow-up talks this week in Kazakhstan were unable to produce agreement on finalizing a cease-fire in those zones. position that a "long-term role for the Assad family and the Assad regime" is untenable and voiced his belief that Russia might be willing to address the future leadership of Syria, in tones reminiscent of Kerry.Russia and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are attempting to entice US-backed rebels based at the At Tanf garrison in southern Syria to switch sides, US officials tell CNN, in an apparent bid to oust the coalition from a strategic piece of real estate that is seen as crucial to Syria and Iran's long-term interests in the region.The second objective involves an attempt to weaken the coalition's rationale for occupying At Tanf, allowing Moscow, Damascus and Tehran to pressure the US and its allies to leave the strategically valuable area.By poaching leaders of the rebel group, the regime and its Russian and Iranian allies would be able to better pressure the US and coalition troops to vacate the strategic tri-border area near At Tanf, a US official familiar with the development told CNN."Assad and his allies realize that the best way to undermine the coalition campaign in Syria is to target the local Syrian partners that the coalition is working by, with, and through," Nick Heras, a fellow at the Center for New American Security who focuses on Middle Eastern security, told CNN."Some of the Syrian fighters at the Tanf garrison have decided to cut the best deal with Assad now, and be part of his armies, rather than to fight with the Americans, be labeled as 'traitors,' by the regime, and then have to deal with Assad's wrath." Heras added."Here's the conundrum, we are operating in the sovereign country of Syria," Thomas told an audience at the Aspen Security Forum while adding that Russia could potentially use legal mechanisms to seek the ouster of the US.

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