Playstation 3 updating slow

Posted by / 03-Dec-2017 11:23

The ps3 wireless is 802.11g, which operates at roughly the same frequency as microwave ovens, and a lot of other stuff.If you're just browsing from a PC, you might not even notice a momentary network glitch, but when you get dropped out of an on-line game session and lose a bucketful of XP, you will notice.Best Buy now offers pairs of Powerline Network connections that might help you.Connect one to an outlet with your router and the other in an outlet in the room with your system. The base station was in my office, at the other end of the house.For the past few weeks it has been downloading at roughly 300kb/s despite the network testing on the console at 38-40Mb/s and downloads via PC and phone for other things are perfectly fine.As the official broadband partner for Play Station 4 I expected a lot better than what I am seeing.Supposedly your house can support any number of these devices at 85Mbps. I would get abysmally low bandwidth when streaming internally or from the internet.

When we blocked the IP address Lance used, well ... According to Mc Donald, the server was necessary for online play and it also hosts a lot of assets on the PSN store. And while Australians shouldn't have to resort to this kind of shenanigans just to get a console downloading at proper speeds in 2017, it's better than the rough 1mb/s we're typically accustomed to.You will probably never get these kinds of speeds from the Play Station Network. And that was the same case for developer Lance Mc Donald, who tried to download only to encounter the gut-wrenchingly glacial pace that the Play Station Network likes to serve content at. After running some tests, he found that his PS4's were downloading from some foreign servers. Everyone knows how crappy download speeds on the PS4 are.So next time you need to download a big update, or you're buying a game digitally, remember to thank Mc Donald.Basically getting very tired of the ridiculous download speeds that I experience when downloading anything from the Play Station Store, be it on PS3, PS4 or PS Vita.

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I recently acquired the PS3 version of Sims 3 and have been unable to install it.