Teen moms dating

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So next Friday night, encourage them to try something different.

Check out some fun, teen-friendly date night ideas for your little love birds.

For the original related TV series about teenage pregnancy, see 16 and Pregnant.

For spin-off series, see Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3.

Teen Mom 2 newcomer Briana De Jesus has taken to Snapchat to put the men (term used loosely) who fathered her daughters on blast.

Never one to hold back with her emotions, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, Bri is really letting these two have it this time.

If Amber Portwood still loves Matt Baier, she sure has an unusual way of showing it.

In footage obtained by Radar Online this week, Portwood is seen kissing and canoodling with a new man, mere weeks after her split from Baier.

For teenage pregnancy and motherhood, see Teenage pregnancy.

"I feel like I have grown up so much since the last time that I filmed anything for TV, so it will be very interesting to show viewers how our lives have evolved." PHOTOS: Teen Mom 2 tots — how they've grown!

Like Portwood, she's in school — but graduating in December.

Unfortunately for teens, date nights are often limited to watching a movie on their parents' couch.

We know you want to keep an eye on your teen, but you also want them to have fun.

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Since her release last November, she has moved into a new house and written a book called , due out Aug. "I've changed so much that my focus and my goals are different than before," she tells Us. PHOTOS: Return to reality TV She's also busy, of course, taking care of her daughter, Leah, 5.

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